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Magic Happens, All The Time

What a project this has been. This is my first attempt at an instant download and boy oh boy have I learned a lot. That's good right?

Software, hardware, scripting, shooting, reading and re-reading instructional stuff to help me understand what to do next. Then repeat and repeat, etc.

But this one is done. I'm excited, with my new found knowledge, that I will be able to continue the process and get some of my pet routines out there for other

generations of magicians to enjoy and share.

With each routine you choose to do, if you look closely and consciously , there is a lesson about that routining. How to take an effect, think about what direction you, as a magician, want to go with it.

Those thought processes will take you down the roads of physiology, technique and desire. As you go down those roads each route will be separate and soon will merge as all roads do sooner or later. Then Viola! The magic happens.

In my opinion when the above happens the rehearsal begins. Yes. Hone it! Over and over again until you are almost sick of doing it and then you will be almost ready to show it to someone.

Personally, since I usually do street work, I'm lucky enough to be able to do a new routine several times in a day to a live audience.

I put it in the front of my show. The reason I do this is my "Beta Testing" time. My show is tight. I know it works so if it falls short of my expectations, I know how to recover and jump into my show, if it works fine, the same happens, I jump in to "my show and continue on with my testing done.

I start off with a bit or two to gain the confidence and friendship of the audience. Then I tell tell my audience that I've got something new to share them. I do the new routine. I look and listen. I take mental notes of when and how they react.

In my rehearsal stage, I've figured out when they will laugh, applaud, listen and react. I'm usually wrong. It's a fun process. So I go home after a day of work and rewrite the routine to put in the "natural" applause, laughter and pauses, points. They just taught me where they were happening. A great process.

So this is what I do. What about you? What's your processes. How do you break in new material? I'm always open to discussion. Leave me some comments below if you choose to.

Well enough rambling. It was good to get "Get A Job" out and as I travel California for a few weeks, I'll be connecting with a few Magi's along the path. I always look forward to that. Reno/Tahoe in a week or so. Cool air is on my horizon. In fact Tahoe usually feels like a crappy day in January in Florida. You know, upper 70's to low 80's clear and comfy.

Enjoy everything that you do . Show appreciation, feel gratitude and thankfulness. Be sure and share your magic everywhere you go, not just tricks, but "Your Magic." You know what I mean.

Questions? Contact me. I’m here for you.

Love, Light & Magic...

Bro. Paul West

FB: Brother Paul West

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