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The Road Nuggets Sign Up Information Page

So BP, "Whats coming up NEXT?"

This is the "Road Nuggets Project"

The Road Nuggets Project #7
"The Five Card Trick"
BP's Routine for:  Martin Nash's Limited Ambitious

The Road Nuggets Project #8

BP's Routine for:  Ray Grismers Loopy

A ring on rope routine that I close my Street Show with. Yes! it's that strong & gets the money.

English Harbour 5 Year Old Antigua Rum (750ml).jpeg

This Is Where You Sign In:

To enter the RNP Video Archives Click Here

NOTICE: When you sign up below, you will be sent a link, in your Welcome Letter, for a FREE copy of Chet Wallace's "Think of a Card." Just my way of saying thanks and Welcome Aboard.

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