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The Road Nuggets Project #5
BP's Take On The Coin On The Head

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This is the "Road Nuggets Project"

So it's been quite a ride so far. Changes have been made in each. I'm so thankful for my mentors that are giving me wise input.

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The Next "Road Nuggets Project"
Dec 27th - 9pm ET USA

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Hi... I'm Bro. Paul. I'm excited to share with you a new project that I call "The Road Nuggets Project." This is a Zoom show that will last between a half hour to an hour. I'm going to share one of the amazing "Nuggets" that I've found along my magical path. It could be a trick, an idea, a philosophy, or a technique. I'll demonstrate it, explain how it got in my life, talk about why I use it and the psychology of why it works for me.

After I've exhausted myself, I'm going to open the room for "You." We'll have the chance to get involved. You can share what you know about this idea or effect. Help piece together the history of the effect. "Your" input is what is going to make this project unique. When we're done, we're done. The Nugget will be archived at my site.

As I progress with this project, I want to invite guests to come on and share one of their pet effects, ideas or disciplines. We'll all see where the future goes. Step by step.

So that's the jist of "The Road Nuggets Project." All you have to do now is to sign up to be invited to this crazy project. You may even find a new "Nugget" that you will use in your own show. That's why I'm sharing them this way. They've worked well for me and I'm in hopes this project will help you along your Magical Road. "Don't be afraid to pick up the Poop..."



Here's the steps you need to take. #1, Remember the session is free. #2, Sign up below to be informed about the up and coming "Nugget." #3, Mark your calendar so you don't miss it. #4, Your Zoom invite will be sent the day of the session. Be sure and check your email. It's a simple and exciting project. It's pretty funny to also watch an 'ol guy play with high tech equipment. There's lots of buttons to push...


NOTICE: When you sign up below, you will be sent a link, in your Welcome Letter, for a FREE copy of Chet Wallace's "Think of a Card." Just my way of saying thanks and Welcome Aboard.

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