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"Get a Job"

Instant VIDEO Download - 32 Minutes

This video is my work on the Barrel Head, Chain Game, Figure Eight, Fast & Loose, whatever you want to call it. This routine gives me the power to pull down $40.00 plus per hour with this "legal" demonstration of a very old swindle. Or, if you choose, a fun demonstration that you don't have to be busking to use.

People love this game. It involves three people and draws in others because everyone is having fun and want to get involved.


Decades of real world performances, I mean thousands, have honed this into an entertaining masterpiece.

Price: $14.99 USD - Instant VIDEO Download - 32 Minutes

GAJ Graphic 3.jpg

Instant VIDEO Download - 43 Minutes

I can't say enough about this amazing little rope routine. Shawn Eric taught this to me for the price of a jumbo pewter silver dollar that weighed about a half a pound. A trade I'll cherish forever. It's a hand me down that can be yours today.

This is basic stuff but the real work is in the routine. The way it was put together is the secret that you will appreciate. Think about this...

Basic, simple moves fully explained Same rope, over and over Start clean and end clean Fully customizable Add to it and take things away Close-up parlor stage and street Rope is examinable before and after Carry it in a pocket, ready anytime. Audience participation 4 to 5 minute routine.


THIS ITEM IS an instant video download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $14.99 USD - Instant VIDEO Download - 43 Minutes

For a more detailed breakdown of the routine CLICK HERE to read the description of the original DVD on the "The Shop" page.

The Street Rope Trick DVD - Download

The Bonus CD

Instant PDF Download (No videos)

Since times have changed, I wanted to make my work available to everyone Worldwide. The Bonus CD has the following PDF manuscripts.

Ground Zero 2.0 - This is my 1998 lecture notes. 40 pages and 45 photos. The highlights are the Show Thought Process, BP's 9 min. Rope Routine, Bill in Cigarette and The Rice Bowls, Thoughts, Magic & Wonder, Setting the Street Stage, Goals vs. Results, It Takes Balls, along with other tricks and information.

X Marks The Spot - This is my 2003 lecture notes. 30 pages. Includes Brother Paul - Getting From Point A to Here, Busking Restaurants & Bars - Here’s the Formula, Match Production, A Quick Match Trick, Coin on the Head, The Man From New York - Terry LaGerould, The Show Thought Process - Reloaded, Some Ideas on the Cups & Balls, The Discrepancy Load and  While I’m Talking.

I Hate Rules - 20 pages and 15 photos and illustrations. This is my work on U. F. Grant's Million Dollar Bill Mystery from Tarbell. It's a 10 min. routine that brings 5 people on stage, audience participation, 2 borrowed bills, two envelopes and two moves. Work it close up to stage and surrounded. This ROCKS!

The Street Rope Trick. This is the original PDF version of this routine. 32 pages and 71 photos. A simple direct routine that is perfect for street, parlor or stage. One rope set up will last hundreds of performances. No more wasting rope for every show. Knots, cutting, restoring, Start clean, end clean. NO worries mon. Great history.


THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.


Price: $14.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.

Magic Keepers We Are

Instant PDF Download

2022 Lecture Notes

Coming Soon

Screenshot 2019-04-30 16.07.45.png

I Hate Rules

Instant PDF Download

Well what can I say about this... in the late 1980's a trick from the Tarbell Course in Magic was brought to my attention. It's the U.F. Grant Million Dollar Bill Mystery. It's a GREAT piece of Magic.

In this PDF manuscript, you will learn my routine for it. Check this out:

• 19 Pages, 17 photos, PDF
• 10 Minute Routine
• Builds to 5 People on Stage
• 2 Torn Bills
• 2 Minute Set-up
• Surrounded
• Close-up, Parlor or Stage
• Perform it anywhere
• Absolutely Perfect!

I love performing this routine. It's simple and direct, very easy to do and plays big because of the audience participation. Plus if you get down to basics, all the props fit in your pocket.

THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.

Screenshot 2019-04-30 15.54.48.png

Ground Zero 2.0

Instant PDF Download


Ground Zero 2.0 is my lecture from 1998. In my opinion this is a great set of notes with some very valuable information.

I explain what I call the Show Thought Process which is a way of making my show stronger and to streamline your set up, practice and rehearsal time by using your brain with meditation.

You will also enjoy a 9 minute rope routine and a Rice Bowl routine that will make you dust them off and put them back in your show.

40 pages with over 35 photo illustrations.


• Thoughts on Conjuring
• The Match Box Balance
• BP's Bill in Cigarette
• BP's Rope Routine
• The Rice Bowls
• Setting the Street Stage
• Sound, Light & Music
• Putting it Out on Paper
• Magicians Taking Care of Magicians
• …and so much more

I'd say, if you want one thing from me, let this be the one. I know you'll love it and it will help you understand why you chose to be a street magician. Also all the information here can be used in Stage, Trade, Hospitality or Close-up shows...

THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.


Think of a Card

Instant PDF Download


Back in the mid 1970's I met a man named Chet Wallace. I was working the Magic Castle then and Chet was helping Vernon with the piano in trade for magic lessons.

Chet had this little pet effect with a deck of cards that kept fooling all the magicians. It's a think of a card routine.

• Any deck shuffled by the spectator
• They think of ANY card from a spread
• You shuffle the cards and reveal their card
• You only memorize 4 cards!

Simple, direct and clean. It's a great trick to do anywhere you can borrow a deck or use your own.

He gave me the rights to print it up and so I did. Illustrations are by John Hughes and they are step by step hand views.

Nine pages and 12 illustrations will get you there...

THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.

Screenshot 2019-04-30 16.03.32.png

The Street Rope Trick

Instant PDF Download

We've all wanted to break out a small piece of rope and perform a nice 3 to 4 minute routine of knots sliding, cut and restored and a clean finish where you can go right into your favorite finger ring and rope routine. Clean as a whistle!

I love this so much, I put out a DVD, available above, that lays it all out in person. But if you are looking for the original manuscript with the 71 photos to walk you through it, here it is.

Shawn Greer and I did a trade back in the 1980's and I've been using this ever sense. When I told him it needed to be in print, he agreed.

The set up is sweet and neat and the routine has been honed by Tommy Frank, Shawn Greer and others. All pretty basic stuff, but put together so that you have the number one Street Rope Trick around.

It's versatile. Shorten it. Lengthen it. Use the pieces you want and add others into it. For the streets, this is an in the pocket 4 minute routine that is ready to go and resets in seconds. Open clean, end clean… What's not to like.

Use regular magicians rope, set it up in a couple of minutes and you're ready. Use the same rope until you can't stand the dirt any more then take another 3 feet or so, set it up and your off and running again. A 50 foot hank is a lifetime supply.

• 28 pages of history and instructions
• 71 photos. It's all there and easy to follow

Fully illustrated on PDF and a short performance quicktime video that was shot long ago.

THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.


X Marks the Spot

Instant PDF Download

This is my lecture notes from 2003.There's also some ideas on the cups and balls, the Discrepancy Load, Coin on the head is a Gali Gali routine taught to me by Chet Wallace in the late 70's. It's worth the price of the download


There's also a special treasure in these notes. The Man From New York - Terry LaGerould. It is a

simple set up, any deck, miracle. Great story. Triumph effect. Ace production. All with very simple

handling. Killer!


So if you are still into learning how to make money as a magician and want some new cool stuff to do

that just takes practice, but will last you a lifetime, pick up X Marks the Spot. Simple stuff, but valuable.


THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.


Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.

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