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Welcome to my shop. Below you will notice a small selection of my creations, routines and ideas for the Magic community. Check them out, ask questions, ponder the possibilities and order what you need. I'm here for you at anytime. - Bro. Paul West

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The Stupid Bean Trick

It's amazing how things work out. The Stupid Bean Trick is basically Paul Fox's Confetti to Beer Trick from the early 1930's. I was blessed to find some of the gimmicks and developed my routine. The gimmick was made of steel and it rusted quickly.

So I re-built it, made it one piece and made it out of aluminum. Now it is clean, easy to use and my routine is complete.  I give you all of the bits and tips that make this the amazing effect that it is. It's easy and packs small and is "Street" durable.

I've always wanted to receive magic in the mail that I didn't have to go and look for other parts to make it work right out of the box, so I make sure you have a package that has everything you need to do this right out of the box.

Here is what your receive in your box:

The special made gimmick made of spun aluminum.

A can that fits the gimmick.

The "Bean Cookie"

A clear plastic bowl made by FOH that will last forever.

A clear plastic martini glass by FOH that will last forever.

A bag of Great Northern Beans.

Three paper bags.

A small amount of stick tack.

A one hour DVD with full instructions with Bro. Paul's FULL routine.

Some crushed up news paper for packaging and a small Regional A box.

Price: $250.00 Free Shipping in USA

International order MUST PayPal $65.00 Shipping to: Paul@BrotherPaulMagic.com before the order will be shipped. That's the average cost of shipping Express Overseas.

Temporarily out of stock.

You will be taken to PayPal to complete your transaction. I usually ship within two working days. If you have any questions, Contact me. My email is below.

The Street Rope Trick

The Street Rope Trick is a simple rope routine that uses basic moves that are easy to learn and execute. Here's what happens...

You pull out a piece of rope that has a knot in it. You slide the knot down the rope to the other end. Then slide it to the middle where it magically disappears.

Next you tie a shoe lace knot, explaining it is a magic knot that disapears when you pull

the ends. The you tie it again pulling the ends through the loops making a know that seems to be impossible to get out. You slide it down rope and then it too disappears.
You produce invisible scissors and hand them to someone. You tie the rope into a loop. You take the "scissors" back and cut the loop. Once cut, you untie the knot and magically restore the rope to one piece again.
Then you take the rope and place the two ends in your pocket and proceed to magically have the two ends, in the pocket, changes places with the center that is in the other hand.
You are left clean and ready to do a ring on rope trick or stop there. Choices. It's up to you.
A great routine for street because your rope will last for hundreds of performances. Close up, parlor or stage this routine is fun, easy and a fooler. Enjoy it.
This ships with the DVD and the rope to make your first set up. I would have made it up for you, but you need to make it yourself to understand how to do it. It only takes a few minuets and you'll be able to set up any magicians rope at anytime you want to perform this little miracle. One set up will last you hundreds of performances.

Price: $29.99 Free Shipping

International order MUST PayPal $18.00 Shipping to: Paul@BrotherPaulMagic.com before the order will be shipped.

(Also available as a download.)

Heading 4

The Bonus CD

This is a great deal. It has PDF's of four of my manuscripts and notes.

It has my 1998 lecture notes called Ground Zero 2.0 and it's loaded with things like:

• Thoughts on Conjuring
• The Match Box Balance
• BP's Bill in Cigarette
• BP's Rope Routine
• The Rice Bowls
• Setting the Street Stage

• Sound, Light & Music
• Putting it Out on Paper
• Magicians Taking Care of Magicians
• …and so much more.

40 pages with 35 photos.

Also my 2003 lecture notes called X Marks the Spot, including:

The Man From New York, a card routine by Terry LaGerould. It's a killer triumph routine that resets instantly.

The Coin on the Head - Gali Gali taught to me by Chet Walace in the 1970's.

Indoor Street Performing. Ideas to keep busking on those cold winter days that works.

The Discrepancy Load for the cups.

And More...

The FULL PDF of I Hate Rules. This takes UF Grants Million Dollar Bill Mystery to a level of having five people on stage and a 10 minute routine. Whew! This is the killer effect of this CD.

And then there is the PDF of the Street Rope Routine. This was the pre-DVD version of putting out this routine. It's 21 pages with 78 photos, but it's all there for you.

Check this CD out. You'll get a lot of stuff for our money, that's for sure.

Price: $19.99 Free Shipping

Price: $19.99 Free Shipping

International order MUST PayPal $12.00 Shipping to: Paul@BrotherPaulMagic.com before the order will be shipped.

(Also available as a download.)

Think of a Card

by Chet Wallace

Back in the mid 1970's I met a man named Chet Wallace. I was working the Magic Castle then and Chet was helping Vernon with the piano in trade for magic lessons.

Chet had this little pet effect with a deck of cards that kept fooling all the magicians. It's a think of a card routine.

• Any deck shuffled by the spectator
• They think of ANY card from a spread
• You shuffle the cards and reveal their card
• You only memorize 4 cards!

Simple, direct and clean. It's a great trick to do anywhere you can borrow a deck or use your own.

He gave me the rights to print it up and so I did. Illustrations are by John Hughes and they are step by step hand views.

Nine pages and 12 illustrations will get you there...

I published this little booklet in 1982. I found a box of the original printing. When they are gone, they are gone. Digital download is available.

Price: $14.99 Free Shipping

International order MUST PayPal $13.00 Shipping to: Paul@BrotherPaulMagic.com before the order will be shipped.

(Also available as a download.)


A very special writing from John M. Hughes

Written in 1982

Here is a special piece for the wall of every magician. A reminder of who they really are and the power of what Magic really has.

This is the 1st printing from 1982 - The ONLY printing.

This 37 year old artwork is printed on real parchment. They are all in "NEW condition." This is John's own hand calligraphy. At first glance you'd think that is computer generated print fonts. Definitely not. Look closely at the e's and the other letters you will see small discrepancies that show its authenticity.

I just found about 100 more of these in the bottom of a box. This is a true treasure. Wow, 37 years in a dark box.

Snag one before they're gone. I'm so proud to see these again and when they are gone, they will be sought after by collectors. This is an exciting offering for me.

Price: $14.99 Free Shipping

International Ordering is not available at this time.


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"One Drop"

If you're like me, I have dry hands, maybe my age, who knows, but I still do work that requires that I have a good youthful grip. This age old secret fixes that problem

Just put a drop on the tip of your index finger. Use your thumb, of the same hand, to rub that drop along the tips of your other fingers and where you need it most. Truly, it only takes a drop. Not greasy. No odor. Try it!

Bottle size: 20ml. Approximately 800 drops per bottle.

Price: $4.99 / Shipping $1.99

International Ordering is not available at this time.


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