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Working to hard...
Working to hard...

Sparks Nevada
Sparks Nevada

1984ish, 4th Ave Art Fest, Tucson, AZ
1984ish, 4th Ave Art Fest, Tucson, AZ

Working to hard...
Working to hard...


It Takes Practice

Walk the Path With Me: The "Grab My Hand Gazette" Periodic Newsletter

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Bro. Paul's Loop Balls

Produce and Vanish a Beautiful White Ball - Bare Handed & Sleeveless - Instantly!
Included: Ball, Extra Thread, Cork, Bag & 32 min. Video Instructions and discussion.
Learn: "Hands" - Bro. Paul's Ball Routine



Earn $40.00 plus an hour, legally. Anywhere.

"It is very clever, and an important way to bump your tips. It works even if it is the only trick you show, it is a show in itself; it gets the money. Highly recommended!" ~ Pop Haydn

Kick back with Bro. Paul West

 Here's a few different ways:

The Brother Paul Lecture

"On Location" Parties, Festivals, & Events

Virtual Gatherings & 1 on 1 Sessions

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The Better Way - Ramblings

I've decided to resurrect my old site Blogs and begin again. I've got some things that I need to talk about. Stories from the past, ideas I've been thinking about, interviews with some of my friends in magic & music as well as notes on travel, mobile photography and general, well... Insights on the stuff I do.


Times are crazy. Delays in Loop Ball productions come and go. But, I'm right on the edge of making it happen. I promise, I'll tell the whole story about travel, puppies and play.
It's an interesting World we live in these days. So much has changed. I'm thinking that there is much that is good coming out of the last 18 months. Personally I'm embracing the changes and learning to adapt in my own way, as we all are. I know that WE are the ones that control...

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