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Lecture - Minneapolis, MN
Lecture - Minneapolis, MN

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Ft. Myers Beach Peir
Ft. Myers Beach Peir

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Lecture - Minneapolis, MN
Lecture - Minneapolis, MN

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It looks like the 2nd installation of the Road Nuggets Project will be on August 30th at 8pm Central.

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The Road Nuggets Project Begins...

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This month, "The Rice Bowls." Aug. 30th 8pm CT

The link below will take you to a page dedicated to "The Road Nuggets Project." All "Up and coming" shows will be listed there when the dates are set. When you sign up, you will receive your invitation a few days before showtime. MARK YOUR CALENDAR IF YOU CHOOSE TO ATTEND. Your invitation will have the Zoom link and other information.

The 2nd installment RNP is Aug. 30th. Subscribe to "BP's Magical Times" & "The Road Nuggets Project," at the bottom of the page to receive your invitation to join "Road Nuggets Project". This is the only way for me to send out your invitation link for the Show.

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Notes: "From the Road"

August 4, 2022


What crazy times. Things are moving fast. Summer is here and times are changing.  I've just scheduled the 2nd installation of The Road Nuggets Project for August 30th. This month is, "The Rice Bowls." I've been doing them since I was a kid, but this routine I've only been doing for 38 years. I'm just getting started. So sign up for the Zoom show coming up on Aug. 30th at 8pm CT from Minneapolis, MN. We'll have a ball.

We are on the road right now and will end up in MN in a week or so. Pat will be setting up her Garlic Festival Booth and I'll be doing 3 stage shows a day, a Feast of Fantasy show and a few street shows plus a new close up area called the Wizards Cote, more on that later. It's "Showtime."

Questions? I'm here for you. Stay in touch.


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Paulo Coelho