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A wondering magician for 46 years. A sea captain. A ukulele player and story teller. So pretty much a weaver of sails, magic and music.

As time passes, my calling is to give back to the World what I have been so graciously given. It's a simple way of sharing. A way that may have been set aside in this day and age.

Decades of being a street performer has given me a way to share my magic with shows that have substance and joy. A comfort that will expand what ever journey you want to share with your guests, clubs, corporate, events or festivals.

I'm excited to become a part of Your story.


Spring 2021


"What can an 'ol Street / Festival performer teach me about my show?"

I'll see you soon. Let's play.

Featured Magic

Below are the pics of Brother Paul's work. Routines Created for working Pros.

The Stupid Bean Trick
The Bonus CD
Street Rope Trick
Think of a Card

"One Drop"


Click above to see "One Drop" (49 sec.)

Approximately 800 drops per bottle.

Earn $40.00 plus an hour, legally. Anywhere.

"It is very clever, and an important way to bump your tips. It works even if it is the only trick you show, it is a show in itself; it gets the money. Highly recommended!" ~ Pop Haydn

Just one drop of "One Drop" will make your hands feel like a 16 year old busker on a humid day in the mid-west. It's available now. A years supply. CLICK HERE.

A 20 mm bottle is waiting for you to try.

Grab my hand... Hang on. Here we go!

Hang out with me. I have things I want to share with you as well as let you know when new things happen.

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Contact Address: 16970 San Carlos Blvd #160-188 Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Telephone: 239-770-2726

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