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Working to hard...
Working to hard...

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Sparks Nevada
Sparks Nevada

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1984ish, 4th Ave Art Fest, Tucson, AZ
1984ish, 4th Ave Art Fest, Tucson, AZ

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Working to hard...
Working to hard...

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It Takes Practice

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Bro. Paul's Loop Balls

Produce and Vanish a Beautiful White Ball - Bare Handed & Sleeveless - Instantly!
Included: Ball, Extra Thread, Cork, Bag & 32 min. Video Instructions and discussion.
Learn: "Hands" - Bro. Paul's Ball Routine



Earn $40.00 plus an hour, legally. Anywhere.

"It is very clever, and an important way to bump your tips. It works even if it is the only trick you show, it is a show in itself; it gets the money. Highly recommended!" ~ Pop Haydn

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Notes: "From the Road"


The Blog will become more regular. I've got some things that I need to talk about. Stories from the past, ideas I've been thinking about, interviews with some of my friends in magic & music as well as notes on travel, mobile photography and, well... Insights on the stuff I do. I'll see you there. You can subscribe, to the Blog, on the Blog page to get the latest Blog Stories.


This is crunch week. I'm packing up the show, the shop, the office and hitting the road. I've just contracted for an eight weekend show, the MN Renaissance Festival. I think this is my 30th year there, so I have audience members that came as kids and now brings their kids to my show. I may have to put in a new routine this year.

I'll blog when I can about the trip and the obvious stories. The videos will all be titled, "From the Road" the subtitle will be the specific situation. I'm sure there will be be plenty to share with you and somethings will go unwritten.

The shop will be open with the stock that I will have with me. I'll keep a good inventory and it will be displayed on the product, at the store. I'll be back home for a week in October then off to Vegas. Another story. Another secret.

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