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Welcome, "The Road Nuggets Project"

Introduction Video: "The Road Nuggets Project" with Bro. Paul West

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your interest and support. I've been in the magic business for the past 49 years. I've been pretty underground most of the time. I've worked a lot, but most of the time I avoided the "Limelight" and just worked. It was much easier that way. Sure, I've visited magic meetings and have some great friends in magic, but for the most part, I was on the move but kept my Nuggets to myself

My love is Street Performing, busking, fairs and festivals. I've done trade shows, restaurants, theater shows and opened concerts for Air Supply and Merle Haggard to name a couple. I've traveled with a 20 minute act with music and assistants. I've done corporate events and private parties. Yes, I've even done a few kids shows, but I have to admit that I'm not very good at them. Those little guys tip over pretty easy. We don't need to go there.

I've even owned a couple of magic shops. In Tacoma, WA in the 1970's I opened Northwest Magic Company. It was a small shop and did pretty well for the locals. Then I got greedy and moved it to my home town of Cucamonga, CA. Since it was not in the Northwest, I changed the name to Just Another Trick. After the first year, the California market killed me as the shopping center died and I lost everything. It was a humbling part of my life and I lost a few friends over the closure. But, life goes on...

Through all of the experiences, in my life, I've gathered some fun and interesting stories, magic effects, skills, philosophies, tidbits as well as ideas, crazy thoughts and techniques that have served me well. I've done lectures for magicians and have had some great, midnight to dawn, round-table discussions that have enhanced my magical life as well as the lives of other magicians.

As I am now 70 years old, I'm thinking I should share these things with the magical community. I've pondered writing a few books and pamphlets to archive my life in Magic, but I like the ease of digital information. Stuff that can be shared, discussed, recorded and distributed easily, anywhere in the World. Forever. So the idea of "The Road Nuggets Project" came into being.

"The Road Nuggets Project"

It's a pretty simple idea. The way I have it envisioned is to pick an evening, bring a herd of Magicians together in a Zoom room, and do a "One Trick Lecture." The cool thing about this project is that I can introduce the "Nugget" of the evening, perform it, give all my history of it, teach it and then open the Zoom Room up for open discussion about it's history, ask and answer questions, show each other different ideas and ways to handle it, etc. ALSO, the "Nugget" may be a trick, skill, bit, philosophy, idea, hat pass idea, crowd building idea, marketing idea, etc. Because, ALL of it is important and needs to be shared. (In my whacked out opinion.)

At the end, the recording will be archived at my website. Everyone in the room will be given a substantial discount code to get a copy for their archives if you choose to have a copy. The code will be time sensitive and one time use. The ones that were not there live and want it, will have to pay full price. The price will be determined soon.

So that's what I have for now. I'm on Holland America Cruise ship checking out Alaska. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, I'm available at anytime. I'll respond as soon as possible.

Be sure and sign up for BP's Magical Times at the bottom of any page at I'll be sending out more information to subscribers. The projected date for the Premier Installment of "The Road Nuggets Project" is July 19th. It will be in the evening and run about an hour or so. That's the plan. The exact time is to be established. I will be broadcasting from Eastern Time in the USA.

Be sure and subscribe. I'll see you there. "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

Light & Magic...

Bro. Paul West

Facebook: Paul West ALSO: Facebook: Brother Paul West

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