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The Five Senses of Magic

Updated: May 3, 2019

I've been working on my new Lecture Notes, "Magic Keepers We Are," and the other night I woke up with this idea that being able to connect our five senses, on this human plane, to our magic would be a thoughtful thing to ponder.

So I had this time on a cruise ship to do some turning inside and ponder the ideas of what Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight and Hearing could do to enhance our personal magic as well as the theatrical magic that we, as Magicians, share with the people we meet.

Crazy idea? Yes. The more I pondered this, the more I wanted to dig in and bathe in the ideas. So that's what I did.

For example one simple thing, as we all know, is using the sense of smell to set the mood of any performance or event. The scent of Popcorn in the air = Fun and Excitement. The scent of incense wafting from a brass bowl = Mystery and Peace. The scent of a wood fire = a small gathering with stories to be told. You get the idea. Right?

The sense of smell is a very strong way to touch emotions without large props, banners or sets. For example, the scent of popcorn with a medium sized circus poster may be all you need to create a circus theme for a gig that requires you to do so.

Or the scent of incense with dim lighting and you are taken to a very special place where the mysteries of the Universe reside and anything can happen.

That's just the beginning. Give that sense of smell some thought. See what you can come up with. Remember you are just working with one of the senses right now as the dominant element. Sure, the poster is a sight thing as well as the dimmed lighting, but the dominant point of the setting is the sense of smell.

As you play with this, you will think of other elements of your senses that will come into play, but for now, keep it simple and play with the sense of smell for a while.

I'll be covering this in much more detail in my up and coming notes, "Magic Keepers We Are" which will be available on the website in the future. Keep checking back I'll put a link for the downloadable version there.

So until later, subscribe to get the latest posts, leave your thoughts below and interact with the ideas. We all grow on this magical journey. Also keep in mind that when you respond, do not share any magical secrets here. There are non-magicians reading your words also.

Until later my friends...

Bro. Paul West

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