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I Need To Prioritize My Projects, Duh!

It's incredible how fast time slides by. I'm 70 now and I have more to do now then I've had to do most of my life. Maybe when I was popping shows, all the time, I was just focused one my work. Well, maybe.

I mean, it was easy to get lost in the fact I had a job performing Magic as a full time pro. I made contacts everyday. I sold them on having a "Good Time" and sharing it with their friends, families at parties, homes, corporate events etc. When they saw me work and realized that the people were watching were having so much fun, it was a very easy sale.

So I'd fill in my calendar as much as "I" wanted and honed my skills while working as much as I wanted. No real time constraints. I mean yes, I had to do all the things that all of us do when we get ready to do a show, but my show was pretty much set and that's the show they wanted me to do. I learned that a very long time ago from Jim Carasini. He told me, when we were working the Magic Castle together a gem that I've carried with me since that time in the late 1970's. It was simple. I asked him about his show and he said, :"That's what I do. When people want me to perform, I pick up the same bag with the same show that I've done forever and go do it for them. If I do something else, they get mad and won't pay me. It's what I do."

That really simplified my life. I do my show. Yes, Magic is a hobby too for me. I love, just like you do, playing with cool new things. Maybe I'll show them off a little for my own amusement, but when I comes to working, I do what I do. Thanks Jim!

So now that I'm not performing all the time for a living, I have learned, from a great book called Multiple Streams of Income, how to do smaller projects that bring in money to keep us alive. We have a successful Garlic business that my wife Pat keeps rocking the Fair and Festival circuit with. She amazes me. ( I make some magic props and perform when and where I want and can. ( I had a sailing business that I just sold a while ago and is in the hands of my first mate, Capt. Adam. ( I invented an incredible little strap that holds your phone to your hand to get much better pictures and keeps your phone safe while shooting, with no glues or installation called a Cell Grasp. ( Yes. I hold the patent on that.

So this is were I'm coming from, I'm busy. I keep things going, but I'm being stretched to the limits at the moment, and I want to do this "Road Nuggets Project." I"m writing, scripting, setting graphics, learning how to do a one man three camera shoot, live on Zoom for magicians giving away all the cool stuff I've been gifted with for the past 47 years.

I'ts going to be fun. About an hour one trick lecture. with a live performance and showing my work on a trick, idea, chunk of philosophy, gag, or anything else I want to give away to my fellow magi's. It will be free to watch and archived on my website for a price as an instant download. People who watch it live will get a time sensitive discount code at the show that will save them a bundle so they can collect them or get the ones that they want in their own archives. I'm shooting for the first one to be in March or April of 2022. It's as special project for me and I'm looking forward to sharing what has been so graciously been given to me over the years with all my twists and turns, phycology and why's, so you can wrap your brain around what it does for me and may be something you can use in your own shows.

So I'm working on my lack of organizational skills. That will be a show in itself. Keep opening up these emails. I'll be letting some of the clips out soon. I'll be testing the waters soon with Baby "Road Nuggets" Oh yea, the name comes from basically the crap that I've collected along the Magical Road of my Life.

Besides that, eat your garlic and if you need more, check out and "Keep on Stinking'"

More to come...

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

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