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Back in the Saddle Again...

This is going to be a pretty short post. Yea, it always starts that way. I've always thought it's pretty important to share experiences and I'm trying to get better at that, so maybe blogging might be the way to do it. I've sent emails, messages, WhatsApps, Instagrams, Facebook posts, but maybe if I put it in one place maybe I can just send out a link and catch everyone up at one time... Maybe. So as the story goes for most everyone, "Today is the day."

That "Today is the day" quote is from Mel Fisher. He's the guy that looked for the Atocha shipwreck that sank off the keys in 7777. ( He always told his crew, "Today is the day." Everyday. You know, the day came when he was right. A simple lesson for us all.

Pat & I have been crazy busy with business the last couple of months with selling Garlic all over the place. Three of our biggest shows of the year are Tempe, Tucson and Fountain Hills, all in Arizona. They were great shows this year and there are a lot of stinkin' people out there now jammin' their systems with some of the greatest Garlic products available in the USA. It's kept us running around the country for the past 30 years. You can check out the stuff at if you wish to know more about Pat and what she does. Garlic lovers are everywhere and they know what they want so her family created some pretty odoriferous stuff to keep your taste buds happy and keep the cooties away from your insides. That's a whole other post.

As for the Magic side of our lives, I've been staying busy making those lil' Loop Balls that seem to be a hit so far with magicians. It's an interesting project. I thought it would be easy just to 3D print the balls an sell 'em. But the post production is the crazy part. Grinding, sanding, drilling and coating. Details that came as an afterthought. I was right on one thing, these balls are GREAT. As light as a feather and handle like a dream. There at the site to checkout, but that's this mention was just to let you know the craziness of our schedule.

Being a one man band, so to speak is okay with me. It's what I wanted and planned for. We read a book onetime called Multiple Streams of Income. Kind of a book that leads you down a path that if you do enough things and make businesses out of them. If they are all in the black, you do just fine. Some will be more prosperous than others. That's just fine. But you can always do what you want and not have all your eggs in one basket. It has worked for us, but it's quite a ride. We wouldn't have it any other way. People ask us, "When are you guys going to retire?" Our response is, "From what? As long as we Love what we do, we'll never have to work another day in our lives, so we haven't worked in about 40 years or so." Is that like being retired? Maybe it is, we're not sure.

Oh oh... I'm getting wordy again. I was really going to make this short.

We decided to jump on a short Holland America Ship and vanish to the sea for a few days to catch our breath. It was a great 5 days. I'll ramble a bit about that in the next blog post, but since we are getting off the ship tomorrow, Dec. 23rd., and traveling north to South Carolina I'm sure it will be a few days out.

Thanks for stopping by. Magic is happening all over the World. We'll explore some of it and post it here. So much to experience. Together as Magicians, we are creating a beautiful World where we share our Wonder. It's such a pleasure to live this life.

Paul & Pat West

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