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Updated: Jun 28

Times are crazy. Delays in Loop Ball productions come and go. But, I'm right on the edge of making it happen. I promise, I'll tell the whole story about travel, puppies and play.

It's an interesting World we live in these days. So much has changed. I'm thinking that there is much that is good coming out of the last 18 months. Personally I'm embracing the changes and learning to adapt in my own way, as we all are. I know that WE are the ones that are in control of our destinies.

I wish I could think of a better word to use instead of ramblings, but in actuality, that's what they are. Jumbled thoughts that come floating by and I grab a few of them and expand them into a thing called my life.

I remember a guy that gave me the phrase, "Do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always gotten." That little phrase has stayed with me for decades. I ponder it a lot when I get stuck in a rut and within a few hours, I have a bunch of new thoughts to put into action. Some work, Some don't. But that's exactly what thoughts are for. My mind is a pretty active thing and I love the process of picking out stuff that really works for me. Personally and for my profession. My latest attack is my crazy Loop Ball project.


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