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Now Performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Beginning September 19,2015 through October 4th. Weekends only. I'll be at MRF working the Bakery Stage, The Tree Top Stage, The Feast of Fantasy and popping street shows. Check the schedule when you arrive. Stop by, say hi and drop your cash in the hat. I appreciate it. See you there. Call 239-770-2726 for further information.

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• Think of a Card - Chet Wallace •
Now in eBook format with video clips

(Instant download eBook with videos)

I originally published this booklet in 1982. Chet didn't want this piece of magic to got lost in magical history and neither did I. Now you can have it in eBook form with the illustrations in video to help you master this simple and easy solution to the "Think of a Card" type effect. READ MORE at the BP's eBook Store page...

The Street Rope Trick - The DVD

It's taken a long time to get this out, but now is the time. The Street Rope Trick is now available on DVD. Step by step instructions by Bro. Paul and the amount of rope you need to get up and running with one of the best usable rope routines on the market. Street. Close-up. Stage. No angel problems. Perfected by 1,000's of performances. Shipping NOW! READ MORE.

The Stupid Bean Trick
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The Bonus CD
• includes •
Ground Zero 2.0 - 1998 - Lecture Notes, 40 pages, 45 photos
X Marks The Spot - 2003 Lecture Notes, 30 pages
I Hate Rules - Full Routine, 20 pages, 19 photos
The Street Rope Trick - Full Routine, 32 pages, 70 photos
* All notes are in PDF - Video clips are in Quicktime

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The Stupid Bean Trick


The Stupid Bean Trick is now shipping.
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When I started performing the Stupid Bean Trick, about 2 decades ago, I didn't know it was going to become a signature piece.

The time is NOW. At this moment you can learn this unique routine and put it in your show.


"I've been performing Brother Paul's Stupid Bean Trick for the past 17 years. Until now, it was one of the best kept secrets in magic. This new version is a well made magical tool that will delight you and your audiences."
Jeff McBride

"Thanks for putting out your Stupid Bean Trick... Finally. I have admired it for a number of years and I love everything about it. It is perfect for Pop and I will be doing it at the Castle soon. The quality of the props are topnotch! The DVD is clear and thorough, and the performance is fun to watch over and over. It is a great routine that easily will fit just about any performer."
Pop Haydn

"Bro. Paul's Stupid Bean Trick is a fantastic comedy routine that I was able to put in the show straight away. It works well as a closer to a street show, packs small and plays big and the DVD is excelent. I have only praise for this effect! I highly recommend The Stupid Bean Trick."

Mario Morris - the Magician

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