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The Road Nuggets Project Locked Vault

Welcome Magi's. This is the place where the Road Nuggets Project stacks the lessons that I wish to share. It's a special place. It will be loaded with information and secrets. As you know, I'm the host of the sessions and they are in flux all the time. I consider myself a master of what I do. But I do not consider myself a master teacher. I have fun and have enjoyed a journey of close to 50 years of making money by Magic.

You must dig through my Nuggets to find what secrets they have, just as I have done. There is Magic here, but it will only revile itself if it rings true to you. Enjoy your journey here. My tech skills will improve as I learn the skills of videography. That is a deep mystery to me. You will notice my growth as I progress, hence the Magic word, "Project." Enjoy your stay. Make your choices or collect them all. They are my gifts in my own inimitable style.

The Man From New York - Terry LaGerould

This is a wonderfilled journey. It's a triumph style card trick which does not rely on picking a card. It's a four ace production with a triumph style ending. The skill level is easy. It's a great way to create you're own story.

The recording is glitched and not usable. (It was #1 lol.) The Nugget will be a video of the effect and instructions only. The video will be available if you want to know how not to do a teaching session. Archived here as an example of where I started.


The Road Nuggets Project #1

The Magical Rice Bowls

Ah yes! The Rice Bowls. What a great effect this is. One of the great parts of it is that not very many Magi's perform the Rice Bowls. This will give you the chance to show your audiences something that they haven't seen before. Shhh. Keep it a secret. I've broken down my routine to explain how I'll make this the hit of your show. It's not as messy as you think.

You can truly make this 'ol trick new again. Enjoy.


Join the party. Learn about the Rice Bowls. It's a staple in my show and always will be. See you there. You'll dust yours off and put 'em back in the show. Have fun.

The Road Nuggets Project #2

Aug. 30th - 8pm CT

The "Art" of Your Business Card - 2x

The Road Nuggets Project #3

Sept. 27th

We as magicians know that a business card is Gold. It's a time proven way to get your name and number in someones pocket, at least for the evening to promote what we do.

I know that if that business card could talk, and tell a story, it would be kept so that story can take up a life of its own. This Nugget will teach you how to give out your card and the receiver will tell it's story over and over. You get two ways to do it. Yep, a couple of card tricks that are fast and effective.


8pm CT

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