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The Stupid Bean Trick

No angels. Packs light. Easy set-up. Any size audience.
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This is an AMAZING effect that you'll put right into your show!

It's amazing how things work out. The Stupid Bean Trick is basically Paul Fox's Confetti to Beer Trick from the early 1930's. I was blessed to find some of the gimmicks and developed my routine. The gimmick was made of steel and it rusted quickly.

So today it has been designed and manufactured from a 3D printer, it's easy to use and my full routine is completely covered. I give you all of the bits and tips that make this the amazing effect that it is. It's easy and packs small and is "Street" durable. The new design is perfect.

Caution: Since the new gimmick is 3D printed PLA plastic, Hot liquids cannot be used for your load. It will warp the gimmick since it is heat sensitive. You can use any type of room temperature liquids or dry loads. (If you have questions, just contact me at: before you purchase this item.)

I've always wanted to receive magic in the mail that I didn't have to go and look for other parts to make it work right out of the box, so I make sure you have a package that has everything you need to do this right out of the box.

Here is what your receive in your box:

• The special made gimmick made of hand detailed,3D printed PLA.

• A can that fits the gimmick.

• The "Bean Cookie"

• A beautiful, light, metal bowl.

• A clear plastic martini glass by FOH that will last forever.

• A bag of Great Northern Beans.

• Three paper bags.

• A small amount of stick tack.

• A one hour DVD with full instructions with Bro. Paul's FULL routine.

• Email sent with a video update on the New SBT2 Gimmick.

• Some crushed up newspaper for packaging and a small Regional A box.

Price: $250.00 FREE SHIPPING in USA

• International order MUST PayPal $65.00 Shipping to: before the order will be shipped. That's the average cost of shipping Express Overseas.

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