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The Street Rope Trick

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The Street Rope Trick


The Street Rope Trick is a simple rope routine that uses basic moves that are easy to learn and execute. Here's what happens...

You pull out a piece of rope that has a knot in it. You slide the knot down the rope to the other end. Then slide it to the middle where it magically disappears.

Next you tie a shoe lace knot, explaining it is a magic knot that disapears when you pull

the ends. The you tie it again pulling the ends through the loops making a know that seems to be impossible to get out. You slide it down rope and then it too disappears.
You produce invisible scissors and hand them to someone. You tie the rope into a loop. You take the "scissors" back and cut the loop. Once cut, you untie the knot and magically restore the rope to one piece again.
Then you take the rope and place the two ends in your pocket and proceed to magically have the two ends, in the pocket, changes places with the center that is in the other hand.
You are left clean and ready to do a ring on rope trick or stop there. Choices. It's up to you.
A great routine for street because your rope will last for hundreds of performances. Close up, parlor or stage this routine is fun, easy and a fooler. Enjoy it.
This ships with the DVD and the rope to make your first set up. I would have made it up for you, but you need to make it yourself to understand how to do it. It only takes a few minuets and you'll be able to set up any magicians rope at anytime you want to perform this little miracle. One set up will last you hundreds of performances.

Price: $29.99

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