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The Street Rope Trick - Download

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The Street Rope Trick

Instant VIDEO Download - 43 Minutes

I can't say enough about this amazing little rope routine. Shawn Eric taught this to me for the price of a jumbo pewter silver dollar that weighed about a half a pound. A trade I'll cherish forever. It's a hand me down that can be yours today.

This is basic stuff but the real work is in the routine. The way it was put together is the secret that you will appreciate. Think about this...

Basic, simple moves fully explained • Same rope, over and over • Start clean and end clean • Fully customizable • Add to it and take things away • Close-up parlor stage and street • Rope is examinable before and after • Carry it in a pocket, ready anytime.•Audience participation • 4 to 5 minute routine.


THIS ITEM IS an instant video download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $14.99 USD - Instant VIDEO Download - 43 Minutes

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