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The Bonus CD

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Ground Zero 2.0 • X Marks The Spot • I Hate Rules • The Street Rope Trick (PDF version)

The Bonus CD

Instant PDF Download (No videos)

Since times have changed, I wanted to make my work available to everyone Worldwide. The Bonus CD has the following PDF manuscripts.

Ground Zero 2.0 - This is my 1998 lecture notes. 40 pages and 45 photos. The highlights are the Show Thought Process, BP's 9 min. Rope Routine, Bill in Cigarette and The Rice Bowls, Thoughts, Magic & Wonder, Setting the Street Stage, Goals vs. Results, It Takes Balls, along with other tricks and information.

X Marks The Spot - This is my 2003 lecture notes. 30 pages. Includes Brother Paul - Getting From Point A to Here, Busking Restaurants & Bars - Here’s the Formula, Match Production, A Quick Match Trick, Coin on the Head, The Man From New York - Terry LaGerould, The Show Thought Process - Reloaded, Some Ideas on the Cups & Balls, The Discrepancy Load and While I’m Talking.

I Hate Rules - 20 pages and 15 photos and illustrations. This is my work on U. F. Grant's Million Dollar Bill Mystery from Tarbell. It's a 10 min. routine that brings 5 people on stage, audience participation, 2 borrowed bills, two envelopes and two moves. Work it close up to stage and surrounded. This ROCKS!

The Street Rope Trick - This is the original PDF version of this routine. 32 pages and 71 photos. A simple direct routine that is perfect for street, parlor or stage. One rope set up will last hundreds of performances. No more wasting rope for every show. Knots, cutting, restoring, Start clean, end clean. NO worries mon. Great history.

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