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One Drop - The Working Magi's Non-Slip Hand Conditioner (Organic, non GMO)

Break out those coins. Keep doing fingerflickin' card work. It just works.
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"One Drop" - Two Bottles for: $9.99

If you're like me, I have dry hands, maybe my age, who knows, but I still do work that requires that I have a good youthful grip. This age old secret fixes that problem. Organic, Non GMO etc. A very simple solution

Just put a drop on the tip of your index finger. Use your thumb, of the same hand, to rub that drop along the tips of your other fingers and where you need it most. Truly, it only takes a drop. Non greasy. No odor. Try it!

Bottle size: 20ml. Approximately 800 drops per bottle.

Price: $9.99

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