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Ground Zero 2.0

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Ground Zero 2.0

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Ground Zero 2.0 is my lecture from 1998. In my opinion this is a great set of notes with some very valuable information.

I explain what I call the Show Thought Process which is a way of making my show stronger and to streamline your set up, practice and rehearsal time by using your brain with meditation.

You will also enjoy a 9 minute rope routine and a Rice Bowl routine that will make you dust them off and put them back in your show.

40 pages with over 35 photo illustrations.


• Thoughts on Conjuring
• The Match Box Balance
• BP's Bill in Cigarette
• BP's Rope Routine
• The Rice Bowls
• Setting the Street Stage
• Sound, Light & Music
• Putting it Out on Paper
• Magicians Taking Care of Magicians
• …and so much more

I'd say, if you want one thing from me, let this be the one. I know you'll love it and it will help you understand why you chose to be a street magician. Also all the information here can be used in Stage, Trade, Hospitality or Close-up shows...

THIS ITEM IS an instant download. Start reading and learning in just a couple of minutes.

Price: $9.99 USD - Instant PDF Download.

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