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Bro. Paul's Loop Ball Package - 51mm (2.5 in.) PLUS Video Instructions

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Bro. Paul's Loop Ball - 51mm / 2.5 in.

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The Loop Ball. Many lessons are learned by using a loop ball. Lessons that cannot be learned any other way. Phycology, audience management, direction, diversion all qualities that will spill over into many other areas of your magic. I'm proud of this project.

You will learn BP's a quick routine that I call "Hands." Pay close attention to all of the extra moves and handlings you will have a project, one that you will adapt to many of your other routines.

"The Ball" - This ball is built light. That's the key to the feather like movements that make this a true joy to perform. The 42mm ball weighs in at an incredible .6 oz. The 51mm at just .8 oz.Yet it is built strong and will withstand being thrown at a brick wall. Here are some high points.

Printed very light with a strong honeycomb core

Hand ground to shape

Hand sanded with seven grits of sandpaper

A flat finish/sealer that reflects light for better visibility

After 40 years of playing, I feel it's the best ball I've ever used

You will also receive a velvet bag with ribbon drawstring, A supply of thread. A cork? Yes a wine cork. You'll understand after you watch the instructional video which covers my routine "Hands." This is not a trick to be taken lightly. It will take practice and perseverance to take it to the level of pure magic. Once you master it, you will have a beautiful piece of magic that you will be proud to bow during the applause.

Your lessons will not be over with this utility piece, you can take it to many new levels. I look forward to you showing me what you come up with. I'm as excited as you are.

Let the Magic Begin...

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