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Think of a Card - Chet Wallace

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Think of a Card

by Chet Wallace

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Think of a Card - Chet Wallace

Back in the mid 1970's I met a man named Chet Wallace. I was working the Magic Castle then and Chet was helping Vernon with the piano in trade for magic lessons.

Chet had this little pet effect with a deck of cards that kept fooling all the magicians. It's a think of a card routine.

• Any deck shuffled by the spectator
• They think of ANY card from a spread
• You shuffle the cards and reveal their card
• You only memorize 4 cards!

Simple, direct and clean. It's a great trick to do anywhere you can borrow a deck or use your own.

He gave me the rights to print it up and so I did. Illustrations are by John Hughes and they are step by step hand views.

Nine pages and 12 illustrations will get you there...

I published this little booklet in 1982. I found a box of the original printing. When they are gone, they are gone. Digital download is available.

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