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The Bonus CD

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The Bonus CD


Only Available as a Download at this time.

This is a great deal. It has PDF's of four of my manuscripts and notes.

It has my 1998 lecture notes called Ground Zero 2.0 and it's loaded with things like:

• Thoughts on Conjuring
• The Match Box Balance
• BP's Bill in Cigarette
• BP's Rope Routine
• The Rice Bowls
• Setting the Street Stage

• Sound, Light & Music
• Putting it Out on Paper
• Magicians Taking Care of Magicians
• …and so much more.

40 pages with 35 photos.

Also my 2003 lecture notes called X Marks the Spot, including:

The Man From New York, a card routine by Terry LaGerould. It's a killer triumph routine that resets instantly.

The Coin on the Head - Gali Gali taught to me by Chet Walace in the 1970's.

Indoor Street Performing. Ideas to keep busking on those cold winter days that works.

The Discrepancy Load for the cups.

And More...

The FULL PDF of I Hate Rules. This takes UF Grants Million Dollar Bill Mystery to a level of having five people on stage and a 10 minute routine. Whew! This is the killer effect of this CD.

And then there is the PDF of the Street Rope Routine. This was the pre-DVD version of putting out this routine. It's 21 pages with 78 photos, but it's all there for you.

Check this CD out. You'll get a lot of stuff for our money, that's for sure.

Price: $19.99

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