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Magic - John M. Hughes

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A very special writing from John M. Hughes - Original Item - 1982

Here is a special piece for the wall of every magician. A reminder of who they really are and the power of what Magic really has.

This is the 1st printing from 1982 - The ONLY printing.

This 40 year old artwork is printed on real parchment.They are all in "NEW condition." This is John's own hand calligraphy. At first glance you'd think that is computer generated print fonts. Definitely not. Look closely at the e's and the other letters you will see small discrepancies that show its authenticity.

I just found about 100 more of these in the bottom of a box. This is a true treasure. Wow, 40 years in a dark box.

Snag one before they're gone. I'm so proud to see these again and when they are gone, they will be sought after by collectors. This is an exciting offering for me.


Price: $19.99

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