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Bro. Paul's Loop Egg

For Magicians that want the Best!
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Loop Eggs... What a nice thing to play with. I've got the eggs, you've got the ideas. Practice will make it perfect.

Bro. Paul's Loop Egg

Do you have an Egg Bag routine that you want to take to the next level? Do you want to produce and vanish a very realistic Egg. Do you have one of the old wooden Eggs that you want upgrade. I've got something very special for you. I have been asked by some very prominent magi's that love my Loop Balls to maybe think about making an Egg. This design is made with the same process as my my Loop Balls. I take the time to hand craft the 3D printed Egg. I hand grind, sand, polish, and apply the protective/reflective finish and ship you an Egg that weighs in at, you're going to love this... Here it comes, .6 of an ounce! This translates into fast, effortless productions and vanishes as well as manipulations that are effortless. All you have to do is control your angles and take the applause.

Each 55mm long Eegg is shipped in it's own velvet bag, comes with extra thread and a cork. You'll understand the cork thing when you get your egg. A short video will show basic handling, care, and cork instructions. When you purchase your egg the video will be available for download instantly.

Welcome aboard you little Egg Handlers! I'm proud to be of service to you.~ Bro. Paul

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