Lectures / Gatherings / Workshops

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In all the years I've performed Magic, I've gathered knowledge. No one told me that when you gather knowledge, you gain wisdom and when you gain wisdom, you have to become responsible.

I have spent most of my life avoiding the "R" word above, but in the last decade, I've noticed that I have to give back what was so graciously been given to me.

I love to lecture to magicians. It makes me stretch. It's also like doing shadow puppets for the blind, but I won't let that stop me.

I share my life, my magic and the magic that has been given to me. Sometimes it takes longer that a 2.5 hour lecture, so depending on the wants and desires of the attendees, workshops are also available.

I've been a street performer for most of my adult life. I've owned magic shops, I've gone the entire route of magic venues, birthday parties, bars, restaurants, streets, festivals, corporate, trade shows, stage shows, concerts and the list goes on.

What I'm trying to get across is that I have things to get you going and keep you going. Not just tricks, but magic. Magic of connection and the magic of how to make a buck or two or five.

Some call it a lecture, some call it a gathering. I'm not sure what it is, but we have a ball and we learn from each other...

Call me.

Brother Paul West